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Rachelle Holowko

I am a multifaceted artist, surface pattern designer, educator, and coach. Throughout my journey, I've discovered the profound impact of working through my own limiting beliefs to achieve success in my business.
Witnessing the transformative power of rewiring the mind, I felt compelled to share this knowledge with fellow creatives, enabling them to unlock their true potential and experience profound growth not only in their artistic endeavours but also in all aspects of their lives.

Through coaching surface pattern design students in the past, I recognised the common hurdles they faced due to similar limiting beliefs. It became evident that there was a void in the market, with no comprehensive solution available to empower creatives on a deep level and facilitate their path to success.

Motivated by this realisation, I endeavoured to develop a simple and practical approach, incorporating science-based tools and processes that yield remarkable results, ensuring every creative can thrive and flourish.

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