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- Jasmin

'A very big thank you for your wonderful course. It has been a fantastic experience & one I enjoyed immensely.  I think you are a great teacher & are very generous with both your knowledge & creative talent. I could not imagine anyone else offering what you do & delivering to the same standard.'

Jasmin was pregnant with her 2nd child and wanted to develop her skills so she could set up a business that works around her family. She is now successfully approaching clients with her work.

- Celia

Celia quit her job so she could explore her creativity and make a living from her art. This led her to set up her creative business and start getting her first clients.

'Rachelle always comments and makes suggestions in a very helpful and constructive way.'

- Yui

'There are lots of courses out there that you can learn the technical side but not many that will give you feedback on each design and there's no limit on. If you want to develop your style and improve, then I think this course is the best one.'

Yui works as a vet but wanted to explore and marry her love of art and animals. She's honed her skills and is successfully selling designs in the veterinary niche.

- Judy

‘I think anyone who's interested in surface pattern design or, exploring your course should just do it. I think it's definitely really worthwhile.'

Judy wanted to move from being a product developer to becoming a pattern designer but even with her skills she didn’t feel confident in some areas and wanted guidance.
She’s now confident in creating gorgeous patterns and has landed a job as a designer at an exclusive rug company.

Access to 3 months of weekly critique and feedback for creatives like you

And this is what you get when you join

The proven blueprint to create successful and unique pattern designs and build your creative business. These are the same steps I use every day and my students have implemented to reach success.

The Pattern to Product Mentoring process 

So we are going to help you research, develop and communicate your design story and then create an inspirational mood board so you can use it as the foundation for developing your compelling collection.

Module 1: create a story for your collection

Creating an inspiring story is at the core of any great collection so this is step 1.

Develop your design ideas into successful pattern designs and collections that clients. Not only will you learn the technical processes in both Photoshop and Illustrator but you'll develop the design skills that you need to become a successful designer.

Module 2: create a compelling collection

Learn how to create a compelling collection right from design development through to your finished collection.

Developing your own signature voice and design sensibility and letting your uniqueness shine through is so important. This will allow you to  drive sales and get known for your distinctive designs

Module 3: channel your creativity

Get into the mindset of a successful designer and develop a design practice that will allow you to shine

Discover different methods of presenting and tailoring your work to  individual clients or customer and making sure your designs stand out for the right reasons.

Module 4: showcase your collections for success

Promote your collections powerfully so you can present them with the greatest impact 

Learn the key aspects to set in place that will grow your business successfully. Nailing this is crucial to your success.
 You could be creating the most beautiful and unique designs but if you don't spend time setting your business up for success or marketing with intent, you’ll have a whole lot of beautiful designs that no one will see.

Module 5: set up your rewarding design business

Set up your business so you can stand out and let your brand be noticed so you can achieve success.

Look at different ways that you can make money selling your designs and an easy step by step process that you can use to contact clients to purchase or license your designs. Find out about the most popular industries so you can see where your designs fit in best so you can get them in front of the right clients.

Module 6: boost your income and maximise your profits

Create more revenue in your design business by creating multiple income streams

pLUS each week for 3 month you can submit your work for individual feedback and critique

You will receive personalised guidance, support and individual critique and feedback on your work, which is going to be essential in you reaching your highest potential.

It will elevate your art and help you create designs that create an income. This is crucial and is missing in other programs like this.

what students are saying

And now it's your turn!

There is literally nothing like seeing your designs come to life on products. It's a feeling that never gets old, even for experienced designers


"...Rachelle has been an amazing mentor, not only providing the technical aspect of the industry, but also insights on how to develop your pattern design and business"


"Rachelle is so open, helpful and giving of her knowledge.
I can’t express how happy I am to have seen that one ad in Facebook that day.”

"...Rachelle is a wonderfully encouraging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable tutor, and her style and enthusiasm resonate throughout the course. 


You can do it!

You can turn your creative passion into a reality by kick-starting your career as a surface pattern designer and living the life of your dreams today

It's time to become a successful surface pattern designer

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+ 3 months access to weekly feedback and critique
+ 6 comprehensive modules with step by step training 
+ Plug and play templates, Worksheets + Swipe Files
+ Step by step, easy to follow video tutorials in both Photoshop and Illustrator 

P2P Mentoring

+ 3 months access to weekly feedback and critique
+ 6 comprehensive modules with step by step training 
+ Plug and play templates, Worksheets + Swipe Files
+ Step by step, easy to follow video tutorials in both Photoshop and Illustrator 

what students are saying

Constructive feedback to help us grow

- Leslie

I think one of the greatest things about your program is that you provide feedback. We can do the trainings on our own time and then put them in front of you and always have constructive feedback to help us grow. That's just so valuable to, to have your eyes on that.

The critiques were invaluable

- Cathy

I was really nervous about the commitment joining but the videos made it so easy. I'm self taught using Photoshop so it was really great learning how to do it properly. The critiques from you and the creative community were invaluable as well. 

Turn your art into another revenue stream and build a business you love

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