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I will reveal the essential foundations of building a creating successful pattern designs and building a thriving creative business. 

learn how to turn your art into a successful business

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This masterclass is a deep dive into the difference between success and failure and what it takes for you to up level yourself as a surface pattern designer.

Learn the secrets to becoming a successful surface pattern designer

Learn the fastest way to overcome obstacles to building your success as a surface pattern designer, learning from my mistakes so you don't have to make them.

Developing a skill set and a business from scratch is stressful without a game plan. I'll share the 3 essential pillars to achieving your success without the stress.

I will teach you the key elements that will allow you to up level your surface pattern design and business skills so you can successfully transition your hobby into a business.

Your art is you. Not only will you learn how to build a business. I'll teach you how to develop your own unique signature style and step into being an accomplished designer. 





Join Surface Pattern Design Expert Rachelle Holowko in this free training where she will be sharing with you how to create successful pattern designs so you can start building your own fun and profitable design business.

Having completed a Bachelor of Textile Design, Rachelle has worked in the textile and surface pattern design industry since 2004 along with 3 years of experience teaching surface pattern design face to face at a leading university.

She knows how important it is to get the right training so you can have a solid foundation to build your own successful business.

In this training, she will share the most common obstacles you'll face and how she's overcome these challenges so you can hit the ground running when starting your own surface pattern design business.

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You dream of having a long list of clients but you’re hearing crickets instead

It feels like everyone else is successful except you

You’re jumping into every opportunity you see hoping for a magic solution but you end up just wasting time and money

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