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Learn the 5 really important steps so that you can create unique and successful pattern designs and collections

Developing a skill set and a business from scratch is stressful without a game plan. I'll share the essential  process to achieving your success

Learn how you can stand out and be noticed in a crowded market so you can reach success

Discover the options of turning your art into a successful business opportunity through the power of setting up multiple income streams





Rachelle Holowko

I'm a an artist, surface pattern designer, educator, and coach.

I help amazing women create beautiful pattern designs and collections in their own unique style and build their own creative businesses.

Having completed a Bachelor of Textile Design and working in the textile and surface pattern design industry since 2004, and having experience teaching surface pattern design at a leading university, I have developed a proven system.

I have been able to use culmination of all of my experience to teach hundreds of creatives through my courses and offerings.

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