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 Turn your art into successful pattern designs & build a design business that  

Turn your art into successful pattern designs & build a design business 

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Hi, I'm Rachelle Holowko

I’m an Australian designer, artist and coach who has a love for all things colour and pattern

I’m happiest when I’m drawing, painting and designing and I love seeing my designs come to life on products.

I’m passionate about sharing my skills and knowledge with pattern and design lovers, so they can live their creative dreams too.

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This high touch mentoring program is not only a step by step system that will teach you how to create successful pattern designs and collections and start your design business but you will also receive personalised guidance, support and individual critique and feedback that we know is essential in you reaching your highest potential. 

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With a love of colour, texture and organic shapes, my designs are mostly inspired by nature. There's nothing better than taking the time to notice the beauty and detail in the every day

If you are an art director, buyer, brand partner or manufacturer interested in licensing, purchasing or commissioning a design then we’d love to hear from you!

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