I'm Rachelle

hey there

I am an Australian artist, surface pattern designer, educator, and coach. 

I love helping creatives thrive and develop successful pattern designs and build their own creative businesses so they can live their dream lives. 

However, I soon realized that to achieve real success, I had to go deeper. I needed to confront the beliefs that were holding me back.

I got started as a creative way back in the year 2000 after working in musical theatre for a number of years (backstage not onstage....I'm too much of an introvert!) but I knew I needed to pursue something that was more creative. I somehow stumbled across surface pattern design (no Instagram back then) and LOVED it!

From there I worked within the industry as a surface pattern designer, where I was able to further develop my skills and expertise. This eventually led me to a teaching surface pattern design at a university instructor, teaching surface pattern design, while also building my own thriving design practice.

 I saw the value in combining my teaching and design knowledge, so I created Pattern and Design, which brings together my passion and experience in the field.

What grew from there was a passion to help other creative reach success and their  goals through coaching and mentoring. I found the secret to success was focusing on not only creating gorgeous and successful pattern designs and helping them build their own creative businesses but most importantly helping them dig deeper to remove any subconscious blocks they had. Through this work, my clients have experienced amazing and positive changes.

We'll work together so you can thrive and reach the success you dream of.

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