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Creating pattern designs with purpose

Creating pattern designs and products with purpose with Penny gale title. Image of Rachelle and Penny


In this episode of the Design and Shine podcast, I’m going to be talking to textile designer and creative director Penny Gale who is the founder of Fabriculture, a new, contemporary design brand with the purpose of helping young people learn about our most endangered native species. This is such an exciting brand and I absolutely love that Penny is creating designs with the purpose of educating as well as being gorgeous.

Penny has a background working in homewares and fashion as a textile designer and after having her twin boys she decided to set up her own business Fabriculture.
The premise behind this brand evolved from her realising how underrepresented Australian animals are and how little our young ones (and probably ones) knew about them. So, she decided to create a way of not only educating her boys but educating the wider community with her stunning illustrations and textile designs.

Penny and I dive into:

  • the beautiful story behind Fabriculture
  • how she transitioned from full time to starting her own business and how she found it
  • developing her signature style after having worked within the textile design industry for year and having to design to fit a companies aesthetic
  • what her design process looks like
  • the process of starting her own product and how she navigated that
  • her future plans for Fabriculture

Plus much more!

Click here if you would like to see Penny’s gorgeous products and her Fabriculture shop




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