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The Amazing Advantages of Being In a Creative Flow State

The Amazing Advantages of Being In a Creative Flow State - Podcast Episode by Pattern & Design on the Design & Shine Podcast


Imagine if you could STOP overthinking your creative design work…

No more being critical of your work…

No more stopping and starting over…

Just intuitive creativity that makes time feel like it has stopped and your artistic output flow…

Sounds good, right?

This is what’s known as a creative flow state, and in creative work like surface pattern design, getting into it comes with some amazing advantages for your design work and business.

So in this episode of the Design & Shine podcast, I focus on what happens when we get into a creative flow state and why it feels so good!

Plus, I share some of the rituals and tips that I personally use to help myself get into a creative flow state so that you can try them out yourself.



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