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Getting into the mindset of a successful designer

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It’s really important that get into the mindset of a successful designer if you want to grow a successful surface pattern design business.

I know you may be thinking that this is a bit woo but this is actually something that is very, very important. The thing is you could be super talented. You could be the most skillful person here, but if you’re not stepping up into the mindset of being a successful or an accomplished designer, then it really does not matter how good your skills are because if you don’t see yourself as being that person then that’s the results you will get. ,

If you were wanting to move away from just having a hobby where you’re just creating some designs that are sitting on your computer not doing much at all and you’re ready to move to the next level where you are creating a successful business, then you really do want to think about your mindset and stepping into the identity of being a successful designer.

Successful Designer Identity

We’re going to be taking mindset one step further and talking about this in terms of identity. So that’s about the person that you are showing up and being in your business. Identity is all about mindset and self-talk so that is what you think and tell yourself. And more importantly, the negative self-talk that you were telling yourself and how that impacts the results you get. So the thoughts that you have will influence the results that you’re going to get. You want to move away from thinking like someone that has a starving artist mentality, who isn’t achieving what they want to, to feeling, being and doing the actions of a successful designer so that you can then reach the success you’re after.

Have a listen to this podcast episode where we dive into your successful designer mindset.

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