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How to start getting pattern design clients

One of the questions that people ask me a lot is ‘how do I get my work in front of clients and seen in front of clients?’.

You need to start off by doing research and coming up with the list of customers/clients that you want to contact. You then need to find out the contact details for those people so that you can then start the process of sending your work to them. But, you want to do this in a very systemized way.

Set up clear and repeatable systems

I recommend that before you start this process that you set up some really clear systems that you’re going to follow and will be able to use long term that will allow you to easily input data into such as being able to track who you’ve contacted, when you’ve contacted them, their response and whether you’ve sent a follow-up email etc. You want to make it really easy and clear for yourself to be able to see all of the relevant information in a very simple, systemised format that will help you to be able to move forward. It will allow you to know what the next steps to take are.

Tailor your presentation

Once you’ve created your customer list and you have created a systemize way of contacting them you’re next step is to think really carefully about the work that you’re presenting to them. Make sure that you think about the client. The client should always be foremost in your mind and you should make sure that no matter what you send them, you have considered if it’s something that they would be interested in buying.

There’s no point in sending designs that won’t fit the brand of that particular client. So there’s no cookie-cutter mould of just sending things randomly to everybody. You want to be able to tailor it to each individual client to make sure that you’ve got the best possible opportunity of having a yes from that person. If you think about tailoring the designs that you’re sending you’re going to get the best possible chance of them saying yes and the way to do that is to make it as easy for them as possible.

Writing your email

When writing your cover letter or email, make sure that you write a very clear and succinct message. Don’t waffle on and on. They’re very busy people and don’t have time to read through reems of your writing. They may be getting a lot of submissions every day so you don’t want to take up too much of their time and you want to show you’ve thought about them and the work you’ve sent them.

Systemize your approach

The most important thing that I can really recommend is when you start to do this is really making sure that you do have systems in place to really be able to do this in a very systemized way. Sit down and work out a system of actually how you’re going to do it. For example, you might have a day to do each part of the process and have that marked in your calendar so you can ensure you do it regularly.

You can’t expect to just do this once and then get work. It’s something that you’re going to have to be doing it consistently and regularly thinking about the different customers and clients that you might want to be adding to your list as well the ones that you don’t want to add to your list. Make sure that you really are clear about who it is that you’re going to be sending your work for the greatest chance of you being able to be successful.

How to start getting pattern design clients

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