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ready to build a pattern design business 


novice designers, artists or illustrators who are

Discover the 3 essentials pillars in my 'Design For success' method so you can grow your pattern design & business skills   

Build your own creative business

Successful pattern designs & 

Learn how to create

Learn How To Create successful pattern designs & build your own creative business

As seen in

What you will learn in this free online masterclass

How you can master turning your art (or the art you'd like to create) into surface pattern designs & channel your uniqueness so you can build your own successful & profitable design business. 

The 3 KEY pillars you need to master to create your own flourishing design business

The essential design process to follow so you are creating successful patterns and collections

How to develop your own unique signature design voice so you can stand out in a crowded market

How to start selling your designs and building your own creative business





Learn from surface pattern design expert, Rachelle Holowko

Where she will be sharing not only 20 years of industry experience but also her knowledge and experience of lecturing surface pattern design students at a university and college.


"...Rachelle has been an amazing mentor in the group, not only providing the technical aspect of the industry, but also insights on how to develop your pattern design and business"


"Rachelle is so open, helpful and giving of her knowledge.
[Her] help and her bringing a sense of community to the group has been wonderful.
I can’t express how happy I am to have seen that one ad in Facebook that day.”

"...Rachelle is a wonderfully encouraging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable tutor, and her style and enthusiasm resonate throughout the course. No matter what your question or difficulty, Rachelle is happy to answer and guide you in the right direction."