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Want to create pattern designs but feel like you can’t draw?

Design and Shine Podcast Episode 2- want to create pattern designs but feel like you can't draw?


Do you want to create pattern designs but do you feel like you can’t draw?

This is something that I hear from a lot of people that are wanting to get started creating surface pattern designs. They feel like their drawing skills are not good enough, but they like the idea of being creative so therefore they feel in a bit of a conundrum.  They just don’t have that confidence to get started and they feel like that they won’t be able to create anything beautiful.

I’m going to give you a few quick tips to help you with your drawing, but I also wanted to talk to you about how you can still be creating successful designs, even if you don’t think that your skills are good enough yet in this area.

The first thing I want you to consider is that you can successfully create a pattern design using marks and textures. If you’re not feeling confident in your drawing skills, then this is a really, really great way to get started and you can actually create some beautiful and amazing results this way, too. There are a lot of really successful designers out there who do create designs in this way so this is creating some beautiful, mark-making creating some beautiful textures. You could be using shapes and colours in interesting ways.

The thing about drawing is that it is a muscle that needs exercising. If you do practice, you will be able to develop and improve over time. So if you can put pen to paper, then you can draw.

Obviously some people have more of a natural ability for drawing than others, but it’s about you developing your own personal way of doing the more you practice your skills the better they will get. I highly recommend that if you are feeling overwhelmed by drawing and you’re feeling your skills aren’t good enough then you should take the time to practice a little bit every single day.

To get you started and to help you loosen up and to help you not be overthinking the outcomes that you’re creating. Listen to the podcast where I  give you a few little exercises that you can do to help you.

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