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Refresh and reuse old pattern designs

Do you have some old designs that have never sold or would you like to repurpose an old design and give it a new lease on life?

We’re going to have a look at some ways you can reuse your old designs. By simply changing and refreshing an old design that hasn’t sold before you can sell it to a new market or client.


One of the simplest ways to update an old design is to change the colour palette. By simply changing the colours within a design you can quickly and easily change the look and feel of the design that in some cases can actually turn it into a design that looks completely different.

For example, if you had a design that was on a light base colour with a pastel colour palette and you changed it to a dark base with really bright colours it would look like a completely different design.

Resizing and rearranging elements

You could also think about resizing and rearranging your motifs. By enlarging or reducing the size your motifs, changing their placement and the way they relate to each other, you will be to

Repeat type

By changing the repeat type you’re using you can change the look and feel of your design. If your original design has been created as a full drop repeat, you could try a half drop or brick repeat.

Add or remove elements

Another option is to either remove or add some new elements to your existing design. Even the smallest of changes may help freshen up your design and create something new and different.

So if you’re finding that you’ve got some designs on your computer that haven’t sold, and you’re not sure what to do with them, try making one of some of these changes so that you might be able to sell your designs to a different market or different clients.



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