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Running a Design Practice

Design and Shine Podcast Episode: Licensing, Freelancing & Running a Design Practice


In this podcast episode, I interview Elizabeth Silver.

Elizabeth Silver is a surface pattern designer who has been working in industry both in full-time roles as well as in her studio practice where she freelances and licenses her work as well as working with an agent who represents her. We talk all about licensing, freelancing and running a design practice and Elizabeth gives us her tips for aspiring designers who are wanting to get work selling their designs. Elizabeth industry experiences includes working for a homewares company in bedding and then at Baby Gap before deciding to start her own successful design practice.

In this interview, we have a really open discussion about how Elizabeth transitioned from her full-time job in the surface pattern design industry to moving to a different city and starting her design practice from scratch. Even with all of her experience and contacts within the surface pattern design industry, she found the initial transition to freelancing harder than she thought it would be.

But that meant she was able to develop a process for getting clients and she shares her experience and what she found to be really helpful.

Not only that, she also shares lots of great information on pricing your work, how she was able to streamline what she’s creating to start getting traction and has allowed her to consistently sell her work successfully,  pitching to clients, getting your portfolio ready and much more.

It was a really fun discussion so make sure you listen as Elizabeth gives some really gret insights into getting work in the surface pattern design industry.

You can find out more about Elizabeth here

Click here to find out more about Elizabeth’s course ‘Start Your Surface Pattern Design Business’




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