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Social Media Captions For Pattern Designers

Title, Social Media Captions for surface pattern design with Christine Rice. Design and Shine podcast episode. Image of Rachelle and Christine

In this episode of the Design and Shine podcast, I welcome back Christine Rice, who is a social media manager for online businesses and she also runs a fantastic small Facebook group called marketing for creative and unconventional women.

Christine and I talk all about a hot topic that I know a lot of surface pattern designers have trouble with and that is writing captions for your social media posts.

We cover:

  • branding and why it’s much more than just the fonts and colours you use
  • how to get write engaging captions
  • using content pillars with your copywriting
  • tips for structuring successful captions
  • creating something relatable and interesting that also connects with the audience you’re writing for
  • using storytelling to engage with your audience

Plus much more!

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