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Staying motivated working from home

How to stay motivated working from home?+ image of girl drinking coffee

Do you find it hard to stay motivated working from home?

The first thing that will really help you stay motivated is by doing something you love. If you are a designer then most likely you love designing so it feels like a joy to work. For me, that’s key for me to keep my motivation high. Even if they’re things that I don’t really like doing in my business, I love what I do and therefore find them less of a task to complete. So for me, part of my motivation is the fact that I’m doing my Dharma. I’m doing something that I absolutely love, and it doesn’t really feel like work.

I understand that sometimes people find that it’s a case of they want to do this creative activity but there are other things stopping them from feeling motivated e.g. feeling tired or time-poor. If this is the case for you a great thing to do is to actually set yourself a schedule that you actually create the habit of adhering to. That is creating daily tasks that you set and create as habits.

I also like to think about the best time of day to complete certain tasks. For example I usually do tasks that require a lot of my brain power in the morning because and then I like to do my design work in the afternoon when I have less energy for tasks where I need high concentration.

The other thing that you can do is make sure that you’re creating an environment that you really want to be in so that you keep yourself motivated enough to want to go and do the task. So keeping your office or space that you work in, neat and tidy, keep it looking really beautiful with lots of pictures or whatever it is that you like, plants, things like that can really help as well.

Putting music on in your office while you’re working often can really help you stay motivated too

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