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The importance of branding in your design business

Design and Shine Podcast episode: The importance of branding in your surface pattern design business title

Have you thought about branding for your business?

We are going to be discussing the importance of branding in your design business because this is something that often gets overlooked.

When we talk about branding it’s not just the assets that you’re going to be using within your business, but branding in terms of branding yourself as you being part of your business. If you are wanting to be a successful designer, then you want to really be thinking about building a brand and showing up purposefully so that you can reach your full potential. This is the difference between launching into a business or just having it as a hobby. So if you are wanting to reach that next level and think about having a successful business where you’re showing up and putting yourself out there, then building a brand is really, really important because this is what’s going to attract people to you.

Branding can feel confusing

I know it might feel a little bit confusing. You don’t know what to do, where to start but I want to get you really grounded with the idea that it’s really important to know and understand this and have this as part of your strategy for building your business. I know also that there’s so much noise out there so I wanted to talk about a couple of the core essentials to \help you get started and help remove the overwhelm as well. The things that we’re going to be talking about are things that don’t go out of style and are relevant for you, no matter what platform you’re using or the way you’re showing up. Social media changes all the time and and what you should be doing changes but what we’re talking about in terms of branding is more about how you’re showing up.

Thinking about the core essentials of branding 

Those are the core essentials, that won’t change. For example, we know that we do need to use social media to promote ourselves. You know, whether you’re using Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or whatever it is. But like I said, we know that these can really change over time in terms of how we use them. So how you can brand yourself as your brand, because if you are a surface pattern designer then you are essentially are your brand. Your brand is going to be the heart and the soul of your business. It’s going to represent your values, who you are and how people will perceive you.

The way you think about this and the way you present yourself is going to be what helps you stand out from your competitors because it’s going to really highlight how you’re different and it will really help you develop a connection between you and your audience. What do you want your brand to say about you? Do you want your brand to be fun? Do you want it to be serious? Do you want it to be playful? Think about what you want people to say about you or how you would like to describe you and your brand.

Be consistent in your brand messaging and the way you show up so people will be able to easily recognise your brand and make sure you’re showing up in a very consistent way. Choose your assets thoughtfully chosen to really reflect who you are and what you want to say about your brand. So think about your brand in relation to, you know, your signature design style, the sort of designs you create and how you fit into the marketplace. The way you show up and your messaging will really allow your clients and customers to know what to expect from you.

So as you start to develop, you know, your messaging and your brand, if your business make sure that you’ve really thoughtfully considered who you are as a designer, how you want people to perceive you and your brand, and you want to then show up and build your brand purposely.¬† Come along and listen to the podcast episode where we explore this further.

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