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The Importance of Embracing Imperfection

The Importance Of Embracing Imperfection - Design & Shine podcast episode

Are you putting a lot of pressure on yourself to make things PERFECT?

Many creatives I know get stuck on trying to make even the smallest design details perfect.

It slows down their progress as a creative designer and as a business owner.

So in this Design & Shine podcast episode, I share a few tips on how to overcome perfectionism and embrace imperfection including:

  • Launching a new imperfect website
  • Making mistakes and flaws in the creative process
  • Overcoming fear of judgment
  • Taking faster and more frequent action in your work and in your creative business

Plus many more tips and strategies to help you have a better way of thinking about your work and your creative business so that you can get closer to your goals with realistic expectations you can work toward. 🌟


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