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Tips for getting traffic to your design website



Are you wanting some tips for getting traffic to your design website?

Perhaps you have created a beautiful website with lots of gorgeous pattern collections, but then crickets. People are not finding you, you’re not getting much traffic and you just don’t know how to get that ball started.

So I just wanted to give you a couple of tips to help you get started with that.

Start a blog and using Pinterest

One way to start getting traffic to your website is to start a blog where you’re able to share information, whatever that might be. You could share your design process, some of your latest collections or anything else that you’d like to share. And then what you can do is you can use Pinterest to get the traffic to your website and to that blog posts that you have written.

So basically you create some Pinterest pins (making sure of course that you have a business Pinterest account so that you can then put in your website link on that pin) and then when people come across that pin, and then click on it, it takes them to that blog post. This, in turn, gives you traffic to your website.

I have gotten most of the traffic to my website through Pinterest and my blog and by putting information on my blog that people are interested to know more about. So think about what it is that you could be blogging about and what’s relevant to what you do, your process etc.

You could even put your designs onto Pinterest that lead back to your website. Do a little bit of a brainstorm and see what would work best for you.

Pinterest and free traffic

The great thing about using Pinterest is that you can get traffic for free from there and to your website.

So just make sure that when you are setting up your Pinterest account and your pins that think about keywords because Pinterest uses SEO much like Google. Therefore people are able to search for things just like they do on google.

So my number one tip that I would recommend in getting traffic to your website that is free is using Pinterest.

Other social media platforms

You can also use your other social media platforms to get traffic to your website.

In your Instagram and Facebook feeds, you could post something with then that links back to the blog post that you’ve written or a design that you have on your website.

So you might have a blog post showing how to create beautiful ink drawn florals and you might have a tutorial about it on your post. Then on your Instagram feed, you could have a photo with an example and a little description about the blog post. If people want to read more, you could then add a link that takes them back to your website.

That is another really good way of being able to get people to your website for free

Paid traffic

You can, of course, also start using paid ads to get traffic to your website. I would recommend if you are going to that, that you get some help and guidance as you can waste a lot of money doing the wrong thing if you don’t know the basics of using ads.

If you are interested in paid ads, there are lots of different courses that will help you and show you how to successfully use them. You just want to make sure that you learn how to do them properly so that you don’t just waste a lot of money without any reward.

If you are getting started, you definitely don’t need to start with paid ads. The free ways of getting traffic to your website are really effective if done right.

Tips for getting traffic to your design website

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