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Tips to finding your signature design style

Finding your own unique signature style is really important to help you stand out as a designer but to many of us it can feel like an overwhelming task. This is especially true of those just starting out. You may even be asking what is a signature design style and more importantly how do you find yours. I’m going to break it down a try a make it a little easier to understand by giving you some tips to finding your signature design style.

What is a Signature Design Style?

Your signature design style is your own unique handwriting and the style that defines your work. Essentially it’s what makes your work stand out as belonging to you. It’s really important to develop your unique style as it’s what sets you apart from everyone else. It’s the reason someone will want to buy your design. Your design aesthetic is all about design originality and should reflect you. 

One of the most common questions I hear new designers ask is I know what a signature style is but how do I find mine? 

Tips for Finding Your Signature Design Style

1. Starting from scratch

If you haven’t discovered the sort of media you like to use or the way you like to create your designs, then the first step is to start experimenting. Begin by experimenting with lots of different types of media. Discover how you love and enjoy working. This could be anything from simple fine line drawings to watercolour painted designs. Not only should you experiment with the different media but also how you put them into repeat. Will you scan in your hand created artwork to clean up and repeat, will you create it in Photoshop or Illustrator? What process works for you? 

Discover how you enjoy working and what you enjoy working with. If your work comes from a place of passion then your uniqueness will begin to shine through.

2. A little bit of research

It can really help to do a bit of research and collect some inspirational images of things you love. Be careful though to only use these images as inspiration and not to copy anyone else’s design style. You don’t want to create work that is derivative of someone else’s.  Authenticity is key! Instead, use the inspiration to help inform you of some ideas that you might like to try. It’s important that you develop and evolve your own unique way. Then spend time exploring and experimenting.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

Most importantly you need to practice and not overthink what you are creating. If you sit down and just start creating authentically without limitations or expectations, with time and practice your unique signature style will emerge. For some designers, this may take longer than others but make sure you don’t give up. The more practice you do, the more your design style will begin to develop and evolve.

Tips to finding your signature design style
  1. L Diane Johnson says:

    Good advice. I am not a fabric designer but am going to begin creating a few Spoonflower patterns for myself.

    I am a fine art painter/graphic designer/illustrator over 5 decades.

    Just to chime in here for aspiring designers…as with any creating, copying is great-great for learning. But never-ever copy someones design if you are going to sell.

    Please make a study — if even a quick one — of copyright laws regarding “derivative works”. Keep a clear conscience/high integrity throughout your lifetime/career by creating original works and save a mountain of lawsuit potential!

    Ideas ARE free. But stealing works of others is not. Hope this helps. Many a student of mine have averted problems by sticking to these guidelines.

    Thanks again for the tips!

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