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What Is Your Signature Design Style?



Developing your own signature style is really important for a designer so you are able to stand out with your own uniqueness.

So, what is your signature style?

Your signature style is going to be your handwriting or the way that you create your work that is unique to you. So this is really important for you to develop when you’re developing yourself as a designer. And it is so easy when you are looking around on the net and you’re on social media to have a look at what other people are doing and feel influenced by that and then feel that you need to do similar sort of work or work in a similar style. And so you want to avoid doing this. You want to develop your own way of working and your own style so that you can become known for that style. And people will then want to buy your work because they love what you do.

Now, one of the best ways to think of this is if I said to you go out and buy a beautiful dress. There’ are probably a list of shops that you go to because you know that those shops will stock dresses that will be in the style that you like and there might be a whole host of other shops that you wouldn’t even consider going in because you don’t like that style. You want people to be able to come to you because they know and love the sort of work that you create. Now your signature style is really important for you to develop if you want to be able to sell your designs.

How do you even go about developing your own signature style?

I know a lot of people feel so overwhelmed and even if they have been designing for a long time they may not be able to see or recognise their own design style. This is really common. Often other people will be able to describe your style by looking at it or recognize it but you can’t see it in your own work. There are a few things that I really want you to think about when you are trying to develop your own style.

Things to think about when developing your own design style

The first one is being really authentic to yourself and to the way you like to work. Don’t copy what other people are doing, try and develop what it is that you like to do and how you like to work. The way you’re going to discover this is by experimenting. So start experimenting with different ways of working, different methods, different materials until you find something that you really like doing. Once you find something you like doing then it’s going to come from a really authentic place and that’s what you really want. Once you discover how you like to work then you really want to practice and refine your skills. The more you practice, the better you’re going to get.

Most importantly make sure that when you are developing your signature style that you’re not looking at what everyone else is doing but you’re spending the time practicing your skills and doing what you love so that you can be as authentic as you can. You may be creating lots of work but are still really unsure of what to develop or what your style then there is a little way you can prompt yourself.

Tips for developing your own style

Lay down a group of your most favourite designs that you’ve created. Objectively look and ask yourself, what is it that you like about them?. What’s a common thread that you can see in the way that you like to work? What did you enjoy doing the most? Then use that as a starting off point for you to continue and to further develop your style and the way you like to work.

Now while it is important for you to develop your own signature style if you want to sell your own work, if you are working for a client and they are asking you to do a freelance job then you want you to be able to be adaptable with your style to create a design that fits their style. A great designer will not only develop their own personal style but be able to create something in someone else’s brand and vision too. That will also open up your scope as a designer if you are able to do that.

What Is Your Signature Design Style?

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