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Why you should create a mood board

Why you should create a mood board for your pattern designs + table of colours, images


Moodboards are a really important tool when you’re designing. Let’s look at why you should create a mood board.

I’ve talked about why it’s so important to collect inspirational images. So what we’re talking about today in creating a mood board is using those inspirational images that you collected to create a mood board. This is going to visually communicate all of your ideas together and put them all into one place.

The main point of your mood board is to really clearly communicate your story or them and you’re going to do that through your use of color theme and design direction. Basically, it’s going to become a really good reference point for you to use when you start developing your ideas and then from there your design development and surface pattern designs.

Why mood boards are important?

Mood boards are great for a couple of reasons. First of all, if you’re just creating designs for yourself, it allows you to stay on track and gives you something to refer to during the design process. When you start developing your ideas and your designs, you should be able to see clear links from the initial mood board through to your pattern designs.

And if you’re working for a client, mood boards are great in allowing your client to get a really good sense of the design direction you’re going to head. So you can check with them before you actually start creating your designs to make sure you’re on track and it allows you then to make any changes before you begin so you don’t waste lots of time creating designs that they don’t like or isn’t in the direction that they’re wanting or thinking. A mood board will allow you and your clients visions are aligned w


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