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Fitting in time for designing

Design and Shine Podcast episode tilte- How to find time for both design and business tasks in your surface pattern design business. Girls hand typing on laptop

In order to be a successful surface pattern designer, you need to do both design and business tasks. But how do you manage the balance between the two? I’ve spoken about why it’s so important to think of your business as a business and to allocate time within your business for business tasks, as well as design tasks because obviously without those, you’re not going to be successfully selling your designs.

But, with all the business tasks you may be finding that you’ve now got very little time left for the design tasks. Where is the balance and what can you be doing that will help you to have a more well-rounded approach to your business?

From batching and scheduling to outsourcing there are some things that you can consider to help you ensure you’re creating a well balanced business and are allocating time for everything you need to do.

Keep in mind there are lots of different types of tasks in your business. some set and forget and some ongoing. That means there will be times where the pendulum may need to swing more towards your business tasks for a short while why you are setting up some foundations and then once they’re set, you’ll be able to focus on your regular weekly task.

We dive into this in this podcast episode.

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  1. Lainey Odette says:

    Thanks for addressing this, Rachelle! It was helpful to hear your approach to creating that balance. I think it’s probably easy to tip in either direction – no time for design or no time for business – if we’re not careful to purposefully aim for balance. And you can’t really be successful without both pieces – the design and the business parts – so it’s a challenge we must meet! Thanks again for your thoughts on this. It’s always a pleasure to hear your insights!

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