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Negative beliefs stopping you from being successful

Design and Shine Podcast episode title: Are these fears or negative beliefs stopping you from having a successful design business. Picture of hand writing in journal

One of the biggest things stopping you from becoming a successful surface pattern designer is your limiting beliefs and fear. And what we really want to do is to have a look at how you can start shifting your negative beliefs and your negative self-talk because this negative self-talk and these negative beliefs, will determine the actions you take. And if you are wanting to become a successful designer, you need to start thinking and acting like a successful designer.

What are the actions of a successful designer?

So what would a successful designer say to themselves and what actions would a successful designer take? You need to start reframing what you’re telling yourself so that you are creating the beliefs that will from the actions to help you reach your highest potential.

Now, one of the things that I hear all the time and the first negative belief that we’re going to be talking about is people saying that they’re feeling intimidated to put their work out there and be visible For me, I struggled with this for a long time as well, not so much in putting my work out there, that I was okay with that, but putting myself out there and being visible, being the face behind my business was really confronting for me.

So I totally understand feeling this way. So if your current thoughts or your current belief is, you know, I’m too intimidated from my work out there, and I’m too intimidated to be visible in my business, you could change your, your belief and your self-talk to be, I feel confident and safe to show my work and be visible. And that’s what you could be telling yourself. Now, I know this might sound a little weird to some people, but really if you start telling yourself something, then you’re going to stop believing it. But not only that, you’re going to start doing the actions that it takes for you to be successful. So basically by reframing your thought, what you’re going to then do is if you’re telling yourself I, you know, I feel, I feel safe. I feel confident to show my work in, be visible. Then what that will mean is you’ll start doing the tasks that are required for you to be successful in this area.

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