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Getting your design work noticed

Are you struggling with getting your design work noticed?

You’re not alone.

I know a lot of designers really struggle with knowing where to start in terms of getting their work seen. Perhaps you’ve created a website and have put a lot of time and effort into making it look great but more importantly than creating an amazing looking website is actually getting people to your website.

You really need to be thinking about the way you’re marketing yourself, the way that you’re using things like SEO, your social media and how you can increase the reach that your website and social media are getting which will then enable you to get your work in front of more people.


When you are setting up your website, it’s really important is to think about how you’re using SEO. That is your search engine optimization including keywords and phrases etc.

By making sure your website is search engine optimised people will more easily be able to find you when searching on Google or other search platforms.


Another great way of getting people to your website is by using Pinterest. Pinterest uses SEO in the same way as Google so you can be a great marketing tool that enables you to get free traffic to your website.

You can create pins with images of your work, or if you have blog posts that have an image that references your blog post then when someone searches a term either within Pinterest or in Google they can find your pin.

You need to make sure you put in the appropriate key phrases in the description of your Pinterest pin to help your pin be found.

If you are going to use Pinterest as a tool for getting traffic to your website then you will need to ensure that you have a Pinterest business account.  This will enable you to create rich pins. Rich pins will enable you to add links to your pints that take people directly to your website so they can read your blog post or see your design.

Pinterest is a really great free tool for getting people to your website to see your work and your products.

Now you can also use of course, Instagram to promote yourself on there. Once again, I highly recommend getting a business account and as it will open herself up to, you know, analytics and other things as well. It’ll also allow you to add links in when you get over a certain amount of subscribers to your stories.


Instagram is also a great tool for promoting your designs and your work. Once again, I highly recommend getting a business account as you will get access to analytics and other features that you don’t get access to with a personal account.

Most importantly when you are using social media, whether it’s Pinterest or Instagram is the consistency of how you are showing up. Social media sites reward you for the way that you use their sites and consistency is key.

If you want to get noticed on Instagram, you need to make sure that you keep up and follow their latest rules and regulations. Consistent posting is really important and is creating engagement so ensure that you’re creating great captions that encourage your followers to comments and engage with your posts. The more engagement you get, the more people Instagram will show your post to.

Another thing that can also really help with visibility when using Instagram is using any of the latest tools that they’ve released as they often will reward you for using them.

Contacting clients

Another strategy that can great to get your work in front of clients is to spend some time doing the legwork of finding out who you would like your work seen by or who you would think would like your work. This is something that will take research and time on your behalf but it can be a great marketing strategy. You can create a list of potential companies where your work fits in and then start emailing them with examples of your work. Make sure if you do that you create a systemised approach to doing it so you know who you contacted, when and what their response was.

So hopefully that will help a little bit without you getting your work out there. It is a process that you have to work consistently on and it should become part of your regular weekly routine as marketing is an important part of having a small business.


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