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How Gratitude Can Help You Thrive As A Creative


I believe many creatives underestimate how helpful gratitude can be toward helping them reach success…

It’s a simple mindset shift that can make a BIG difference – if you know how to use it in how you approach your creative work.

I share several ways you can start practicing gratitude in your creative business in this week’s Design & Shine podcast episode, including:

  • How to use gratitude to increase your daily inspiration, creative ideas, and new possibilities
  • Ways that gratitude can help you overcome setbacks and failures in your business
  • Why gratitude can help you grow into a thriving, successful creative artist with an authentic voice and style
  • How it can also help you better connect with your audience and respond to their interest and feedback in a way that helps you, rather than letting it get you down!

Listen to this episode and start practicing more gratitude in your creative business today!


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