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Staying Persistent Despite Failure And Rejection

Staying Persistent Despite Failure And Rejection

If you love what you’re creating but you’re facing a lot of failures, rejections, resistance, and you’re hearing ”no thank-you” so often, you may start to wonder…

…how are you going to stay persistent if you’re constantly facing obstacles?

This is what I want to explore with you in this episode:

The power of staying persistent and how you can learn some practical strategies that will help you keep at it!

I’ll share tips on:

  • How to maintain a positive mindset about failure and rejection
  • How to turn a ”no” into an opportunity to improve and grow
  • When to seek feedback or help from others
  • How to stay committed to your goal yet also stay adaptable to change
  • How to keep moving forward when you’re feeling defeated!

So listen to this episode to get your mind back on track if you’ve been feeling like giving up on your art recently!



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