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How Your Hidden Limiting Beliefs May Be Sabotaging Your Creative Success

How Your Hidden Limiting Beliefs May Be Sabotaging Your Creative Success

Recently, my family and I invited a new member into the family – a PUPPY!!!

​​His name is Juno.

And while it’s been a LOT of fun these last few weeks getting to know him, it hasn’t been as much fun training him not to wee in the house! 😅

But it has been interesting to watch him learn.

It’s made me reflect on​​ how – with anything new we learn – our brains need to be ‘trained’ just like my Juno’s. 

I know mine did when I first started my creative business years ago…

I had to ‘train’ my brain to overcome my self-doubt about whether or not I could reach success as a surface pattern designer and artist.

That self-doubt, sabotage, and lack of confidence come from hidden, subconscious beliefs that we’re often not even aware of until we do the deeper work of looking for them and examining them. ​

These are our limiting beliefs, and if you’ve ever felt stuck, frustrated with your lack of progress, or filled with doubt that you could ever make it as a creative (which ALL of us have, of course!) then you know exactly what it feels like to have them! ​​​​

So in this week’s episode of the Design & Shine podcast, I explore what limiting beliefs are and how they might be holding you back from the creative success you desire – and how to get started overcoming them!🎤🎧


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