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Surviving To Thriving As An Independent Creative



When I left full-time employment as a surface pattern designer, I could not understand why I found it so incredibly difficult to design with the same confidence and ease as I did for my clients…

Despite years of design experience and confidence working to a design brief, when I decided to work for myself I immediately fell into a ”surviving creative” mentality, and everything began to feel so. much. harder!

It took a massive shift in how I thought about myself and my ability to design before I was able to grow a successful surface pattern design business. ⚡️

But once I did the deeper work of changing my ”surviving identity” beliefs, I was able to quickly grow my business to my first $100k and have not looked back since! 💃

So in this week’s episode of the Design & Shine podcast, I share my story of how I overcame my lack of confidence and fears about my design abilities to finally get momentum in my creative business.

It’s an important step that I believe every creative person needs to make to shift out of a ”surviving identity” into a ”thriving identity.”

I hope you enjoy it!



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