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The importance of creating a mood board

Mood Boards


The importance of a mood board

I wanted to talk to you about something that I get a lot of feedback on and that is creating a mood board.
So I just wanted to go into what a mood board is, why it’s good to create one. Even if you know how to create one, I want to remind you how useful they’re are in the design process.

Why finding pattern inspiration is important

Pattern Design


The core of any great collection of pattern designs is a great story. Finding inspiration for your pattern designs and collections is a really important step that you shouldn’t skip over

A simple checklist for creating a mood board for your surface pattern designs

Mood Boards


A Simple Checklist For Creating Your Next Mood Board

Mood boards allow you to communicate your ideas and collate them together in one place. You should use them throughout the design process to refer to and make sure your designs are on track. What should you include on your mood board? I’ve created a simple checklist for creating your next mood board.

How to create a mood board

learn how to create a mood board for your surface pattern designs

Mood Boards


Mood boards are a great reference point for starting your surface pattern designs. They enable you to visually communicate your ideas and allow you to collate all your inspiration together in one place. There are no rules for creating mood boards but they should convey your theme, colour and motif direction.